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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Sources of our data are mostly PDS ( [ref_pds] ) data archives:
* format: PDS IMAGE (array)
* source: NASA
* volume: 10 TB 
* dataset: [MRO MOLA + KAGUYAw](/datasets/MRO/MOLA/
* dataset: [MRO MOLA + KAGUYA](/datasets/MRO/MOLA/
* archive: PDS3
* format: PDS IMAGE (array)
* source: NASA
......@@ -133,19 +133,19 @@ Linked to data products metadata regarding the processing steps caried out durin
#### Image Mosaic
Local, regional and global mosaics at variable resolution are produced, to support the needs of the surface imaging and mapping community for Solar System bodies (mainly terrestrial planets) covered by archived multi-mission data.
#### Map Macking
Routines and procedures to produced image mosaics are going to be provided as set of commands, scripts or descriptive procedures, with qualitative or semi-quantitative approaches. Description of the routines will be part of the non-image code and documentation deliveries, as well metadata (see sections above). Map making including masks, outlines and additional cartographic elements applied to the basemaps, mosaics and individual images are going to be provided as raster. Additional raster or vector annotations for certain products could be provided with non-geocoded map layouts.
#### Landing Sites
Specific landing site-related maps, with very high-resolution mosaics where available are going to be produced, for addressing the science of previous sites and the potential future landings.
#### Mineralogy
Compositional data from multi- and hyperspectral imagers (mostly for Mars, the Moon) is going to be added as derived, higher-level data. Cube access via standard interfaces (e.g. WCS, WCPS, see Query Interface subsection) is going to be provided, in addition to file-based access.
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