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# NEANIAS Space Planetary Data Management
Data Management documents, occasional snippets and maybe issues for the Space/Planetary
WG in the [NEANIAS][] project. NEANIAS is preparing a set of scientific software services
to be provided through the cloud computing ecosystem around EOSC. The Planetary group
is assemblying image processing tools for the analysis of geo-morphological image sets
from Mars and the Moon; Image mosaicking, landing sites evaluation and tools for the making of maps.
### Rationale
## Overview
### Workflow
* Search data products
* Download data products
* Store in "`upstream`" path
* Process data products
* Store ISIS cubes (level-3 data)
* Store GeoTIFF products
* Store data/metadata
* Write DB
#### Search
Search for data products intersecting a bounding-box
* Search is done by querying ODE.
* The query asks for data products intersecting a bounding-box.
* query specific datasets
* Data products are: image, label
* and ODE's metadata
* ODE/Query return payloads/document to be parsed/read (JSON/XML)
* Metadata of interest (per data product):
* footprint (POLYGON)
* start-time/stop-time
#### Download
Download each data product
* Data products to download include
* image (PDS `.IMG`)
* label (PDS `.LBL`, optional)
* Downloaded data products go stored in an "upstream" archive.
* Metadata from products are extracted and stored JSON (next to products)
#### Process
Process PDS images to calibrate, map-projected GeoTiFF and ISIS data cubes
* Convert PDS images to ISIS cubes
* Insert SPICE kernel
* Calibrate photometry
* Map-project images
* by default, `sinusoidal` is used
* Produce GeoTIFF
#### Store data and metadata
Store final products in archive and insert respective metadata to DB
Data products and processing documents, snippets, issues.
## Products
* image mosaic pipeline
* landing site pipeline
* map make interface
* image mosaic
* landing site
* map making
## Source data
......@@ -17,6 +72,9 @@ Data products and processing documents, snippets, issues.
## Data Store
## Deliverables
* [D4.1: Data Management Plan](./D4.1/
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