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# Mars Express HRSC DTM imagery
# High Resolution Stereo Camera
[Scholten et al, 2005]: Scholten_etal_2005-HRSC_Data_Processing.pdf
[Neukem et al, 2004]: Neukem_etal-HRSC.pdf
HSRC data are available at different processing levels.
As explained in [Scholten et al., 2005] (hereafter S05):
* Ortho and DTM data:
* PDS node:
* HRSC user guide:
HSRC data are available at different processing levels.
As explained in [Scholten et al, 2005] (hereafter S05) and overviewed in [Neukem et al, 2004]:
* Level-1: conversion of original data stream (transmitted to ground) to de-compressed data;
* Level-2: radiometric correction of the image data;
* Level-3: map projection of all data;
* Level-4: DTMs and orthoimages.
[Level-4 data products are available] at:
We are interested in Level-4 data: DTM/DEM. In particular, data taken from
instrument's Nadir setup; Figure [S05 Fig-1] pictures the different lines fo
sight according to the different CCDs (Nadir represented as `ND`):
![HRSC/SRC technical parameters][S05 Fig-1]
[S05 Fig-1]: Scholten_etal_2005-Fig1_Technical_Params_HRSC_SRC.png
## Data access
The following links have further information about this dataset:
* Ortho and DTM data:
* HRSC user guide:
* PDS node:
* ODE:
* ESA Planetary Science Archive (PSA)
* HRSCview - joint site by FU Berlin/DLR
* NASA Planetary Data Science (PDS)
[Level-4 data products are available]:
### Keywords
## ESA
The attached document [hrsc_label.pdf] describes in details what we is the
metadata set for HRSC (REFDR/DTM) data products.
In the table below, the keyword/values particularly of our interest to select
the data we look forward to handle.
ESA provides a search interface at
and a FTP at .
keyword | value | meaning
--- | --- | ---
`SPACECRAFT_POINTING_MODE` | `NADIR` | spacecraft pointing mode
![HRSC/SRC technical parameters][S05 Fig-1]
## Extra info
[Scholten et al., 2005]: Scholten_etal_2005-HRCS_Data_Processing.pdf
[S05 Fig-1]: Scholten_etal_2005-Fig1_Technical_Params_HRSC_SRC.png
The following link is of a thread in USGS/ISIS forum about HRSC Nadir/DEM
misaligned data. It is a discussion between Matt and Trent on handling data in
ArcMap + GDAL:
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