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## Structure
The database must reflect the structure of the data archive.
The archive must follow the structure set up in the environment manager.
The structure of files and directories in the system goes hand-in-hand to what is
registered in the database.
The priority depends on which comes first; If a (PDS) data archive is first mirror
into a local storage and metadata is extracted then the database must reflect that,
otherwise, if metadata about data products is retrieved first and then data is
downloaded, the (local) data archive structure follows any rules.
Currently, we start by querying ODE' REST interface for products, of a given dataset
(eg, MRO/CTX), covering a given bounding-box.
In this case, we first feed the database with the metadata we get from ODE, ingest in
the database and then download data accordingly.
Where the data goes stored is defined by some system/environment handler.
The environment manager is discussed in more details in document
[Environment](, but essencially
-- for the matter of this discussion --
#### Process
#### Data Reduction
Data reduction is the processing done over a _raw_<sup>**</sup> data product to bring it up to "science-ready" data level -- a level where the target analysis can be fullfilled.
Generally speaking, geological images get their signal cleaned from noise and associated physical quantities calibrate to remove instrumental biases, as well, a coordinate reference system is associated to the (spatial) axes of the image.
The amount of processing -- _i.e._, the steps applied -- a data product
goes through in a (data) reduction (processing) block depends on the level provided to us.
For example, CTX images are provided as (PDS) EDR records, which require photometric/radiometric calibration as well as map projection.
On the other hand, HiRISE products are provided as (PDS) RDR products, in the need only of map-projection for our purposes.
In particular on our (foreseen) processing model, a minimal pre-processing (ie, reduction) is necessary: the convertion of PDS images into ISIS3 images and guarantee each image has the proper SPICE kernel in it.
<sup>**</sup> whatever _raw_ means.
Process PDS images to calibrate, map-projected GeoTiFF and ISIS data cubes
* Convert PDS images to ISIS cubes
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