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# Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM)
CRISM landing page is here:
at NASA's PDS Geosciences Node.
There we can find (almost) everything we need to get to work with
CRISM data. Some of the information/documents there I transcript/attach
here -- whatever is more relevant to my goal.
* ./crism_dpsis.pdf
, you will find the data product specifications.
This is an essencial reading for it explains all about the data content,
sctructure and how to handle it.
* ./crism_dpsis_annotated.pdf
is the annotate version using [XODO](
Additional help on processing data can be found at
, a workshop material dedicated to CIRSM.
Also relevant is the data set specification document,
* ./crism_avsis.pdf
, describing the organization of the data archive.
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