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# Mars Express
ESA/PSA portal about Mars Express:
Mars Express is the spacecraft carrying the High Resolution Stereo Camera,
HRSC, which is the data we are looking for.
In the document [HRSC/] more information can be found about the data
itself, what and how to access.
* PDS node:
To know more about the mission -- Mars Express (MEX) -- the ESA/Cosmos website
is a good next step:
Still about the mission (MEX) but in more technical terms, go to PDS-imaging
page on MEX:
The Freie Universitat of Berlin has a frontpage for MEX data -- effectively
featuring HRSC data -- with links to some app/viewers of their interest:
* [Spacecraft and Pyload Data Hanling](Zender_etal_2009-MEX_Payload_Data_Handling.pdf)
* [Spacecraft and Payload Data Hanling](Zender_etal_2009-MEX_Payload_Data_Handling.pdf)
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