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HSRC data are available at different processing levels.
As explained in [Scholten et al., 2005] (hereafter S05):
* Ortho and DTM data:
* PDS node:
* HRSC user guide:
* Level-1: conversion of original data stream (transmitted to ground) to de-compressed data;
* Level-2: radiometric correction of the image data;
* Level-3: map projection of all data;
......@@ -30,6 +35,3 @@ and a FTP at .
[Scholten et al., 2005]: Scholten_etal_2005-HRCS_Data_Processing.pdf
[S05 Fig-1]: Scholten_etal_2005-Fig1_Technical_Params_HRSC_SRC.png
available at:
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ESA/PSA portal about Mars Express:
* PDS node:
* [Spacecraft and Pyload Data Hanling](Zender_etal_2009-MEX_Payload_Data_Handling.pdf)
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