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Init script for data retrieve/download

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import logging
logger = logging.getLogger()
Interface we want:
$ "tool" search planet <body-name> \
in <region-label> \
within <geometry> \
[--inside|--touch] \
at <datetime-moment> \
between <datetime-range> \
$ "tool" list {<query>, "last-query", or "query-label"}
$ "tool" get "data-ID" or "data-IDs"
The 'list' command output will list data files/records IDs,
and possibly (basic) metadata next to (e.g., bounding-box),
in such a way that they can be easily retrived by command
'get'. 'get' receives a (list of) data-ID(s) to download.
> Internally, each data-ID -- represented by a unique string by the user --
should encapsulted in a query object, to then compose a list of queries to
be dispatched. This allows us to make query batch jobs, with more control
and possibly optimize/parallelize.
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