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# Planetary Data System
Planetary Data System (PDS) is an assemble of (i) data archive (structure) standards and (ii) data access thematic nodes. The former, standards, state the rules through each missions and data providers should lay down datasets content; Current version of PDS standard is `4` -- PDS4 --, though most of the imagery archives of our interest follow the version `3` (PDS3).
The thematic data access nodes split planetary data according to their scientific subject, for instance, we -- as geoscientists -- relate to the [PDS Geoscience Node]( (PDS-Geo).
To know more about PDS archive standards, see:
* PDS3:
* PDS4:
And and _index_ page of PDS-Geo data services is provided at:
The PDS standards, in particular PDS3, are/is explained in the ESA link
as well as NASA's
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