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# High Resolution Imaging Experiment
* Brief description about the mission and general instrument specs:
* Link to the instrument (main) page:
## Data Products
* [EDR](HiRISE_EDR_SIS_v1-1-2.pdf)
Quote introduction:
> EDR products are the permanent record of the imaging acquired by the HiRISE
> instrument and successfully transmitted back to Earth. An EDR contains raw image
> data, observational-related engineering data, and information about the instrument
> commanding parameters used to acquire the image. The EDR products are used by
> the HiRISE team to create derived products that are radiometrically calibrated and
> geometrically processed to create map products associating a pixel to a latitude
> and longitude coordinate on the Mars surface.
* [RDR](HiRISE_RDR_SIS_v1-2.pdf)
Quote introduction:
> RDR products are radiometrically-corrected images resampled to a standard
> map projection. (...) A RDR image is stored in the JPEG2000 (...) format recently
> adopted by the PDS. The (JP2) images are accompanied by a PDS detached label
> providing supporting information about the observation. There will typically be
> two RDR standard products per HiRISE observation a single-color RDR product
> built from the operating red-filter CCDs, and a three-color RDR product if the
> blue-green and near-infrared CCDs were additionally operating.
## PDS data set volumes
# Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
* PDS-imaging MRO mission:
* MRO data management:
From [PDS-imaging MRO mission] page:
The HiRISE camera is a pushbroom imaging system featuring a 0.5 m aperture telescope with a 12 m focal effective length and 14 CCD detectors capable of generating images of up to 20,000 cross-scan observation pixels and 65,000 unbinned scan lines. The HiRISE instrument capabilities include the acquisition of observations of the Mars surface from orbit with a ground sampling dimension between 25 and 32 cm/pixel. HiRISE data sets are produced by the HiRISE Team at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Tucson.
* [CTX](CTX/
The CTX is currently orbiting Mars and acquiring grayscale (black & white) images at 6 meters per pixel scale over a swath 30 kilometers wide. CTX provides context images for HiRISE and CRISM, is used to monitor changes occurring on the planet, acquires stereo pairs of select critical science targets. CTX data sets are produced by the CTX Team at Malin Space Science Systems, San Diego.
# Datasets
* Mars express:
* [ESA MEX HRSC DTM](/datasets/MEX/HRSC/
* [ESA MEX HRSC Nadir](/datasets/MEX/HRSC/
* Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter:
* Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:
FTP links for Mars Express missions can be found at:
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