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# Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter
## Introduction
* Planetary Laser Altimeter/MOLA:
......@@ -11,4 +13,28 @@ distance from the spacecraft to Mars surface through an infrared laser.
MOLA provides precise data for topographic maps; MOLA is also a passive
radiometer, collecting radiance of the surface (at 1064nm).
> A Precision Experiment Data Record (PEDR) contains MOLA science mode
telemetry data that has been converted to engineering and physical
units. The Aggregated Experiment Data Record (AEDR) is the source for
the science data, while ancillary information is provided by the Radio
Science investigation. Precision orbit, geometric, and calibration data
have been incorporated, as well as an equipotential datum (areoid), so
that topographic profiles may be obtained directly from the PEDR.
> About reading MEGDR data, there is a document (`mola_envi`) explaining
> adjustments to the coordinates when using ENVI/ArcGIS:
> *
> Basically, ENVI and ArcGIS don't read map projection information from MEGDR
> labels causing a misalignment to other data sets (e.g., HSRC).
# Mars Global Surveyor
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